About Angel loop

Angel Loop is a not-for-profit company (it is also not a charity) established to promote angel investing across Queensland.

Incubators/Accelerators/co-working spaces/venture capital firms/professional service companies/corporates/universities/government organisations and businesses are welcome to join the Angel Loop community as members,

The Angel Loop community comprises long term and experienced Angel Investors and business people with extensive local and international networks and professionals who are keen to promote and support start-up entrepreneurs.

As a group of experienced Angel Investors from a diverse range of backgrounds , the Angel Loop community is willing to share experiences and remove the myths surrounding Angel Investing.


Angel 100

Our vision is to collectively contribute $120M to the startup eco-system in Queensland so that we can grow the State’s economy, support a sustainable startup eco-system and promote investment in Queensland. Angel 100’s charter is to prepare and fund 100 startups that can offer investors a 2X return on the ASX All Ordinaries Index.

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1000 Angel Investors

To achieve 100 Angel funded deals in Queensland over the next 2 years requires many more Angel Investors than we currently have. We target 1000 experienced and active Angle Investors within 5 years..

Angel Loop Founders

About Angel Loop Founders

Angel Loop was founded by 3 long-term members of Brisbane Angels. Each has a common interest in growing Angel investment portfolios..


What is Angel Capital?

Angel Capital is long term patient capital, invested in emerging companies to share in the up and the downside activity and to mentor entrepreneurs.

Start Local - Fund Local - Grow Local

Building trustful Angel Investment groups by working with local communities to build a sustainable start-up ecosystem.

Angel Loop encourages collaboration through education and activities relating to Angel Investment and enabling young entrepreneurial companies be investment ready.

Angel 100 – 100 Angel funded deals within 2 years.

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